imagined a woman walking through the hallways of a 16th century château with nothing other than candles lighting her path. As a descendant of the residents she explores the estate through the night discovering her heritage and identity. Throughout the night candle wax drips onto her clothes as it is the only form of illumination, she later emerges a different woman, knowing of her true stature and heritage. A great grandchild of an Arab queen that rose against her people. The social struggles of centuries has come to a complete halt. She realizes that only she can uproot social norms and free herself from the shackles of male imposed measures. She despises her gender's definition as receptors of male hand-me-downs. As the night gets darker, resentment gets stronger. She declares herself free of male-imposed constraints and vows to pave a way for her own people. As morning rises, she declared victory by stripping her former commanders of their powers by feminizing their clothing and making them as daring as ever.